Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

WATCH: Rat Runs Through Broadcast About Trump’s Baltimore Rat Comments

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Bearing in mind this is a Fox station and Fox corporate tends to love itself some Trump, here’s a rat scuttling through the live shot of a broadcast about Trump’s super triggering comments that Baltimore is, in fact, infested with rats:

Someone send in Al Sharpton to scream at that rat via a megaphone. What a racist vermin.

Okay, so this is hardly downtown Baltimore. But it is a street in Baltimore down which this rat was scurrying. Not to be confused with a Nobel prize-winning climatologist. According to the July 2019 Racism Rules, reality is now racistAF.

Listen, Fox probably went down there to find rats running in the streets. When you have a specific idea in mind, you can usually find evidence of that specific idea everywhere. It’s a narrative. Okay? Okay. But it’s also true. Donald Trump tweeted Baltimore is rat-infested and a terrible place to live. Baltimore is, as this video shows, host to at least one rat. A rather large rat, might I add. Or maybe that’s “plus-sized.” Either way, stunning and beautiful. The saying goes, where there’s one, there’s many. This rat probably has rat friends. Rat clubs. Rat dinner parties. Rat Antifa meetings. Rat families. Rat fat-shaming awareness ribbons.

The presence of rats isn’t a signifier of racism. Video of a rat in Baltimore doesn’t mean Donald Trump saying there are rats in Baltimore is racism. Read also Dear Race-Baiting Leftists: Only Racists See Racism Everywhere for more thoughts on racism, racism everywhere and not a rational thought to be found.

Lastly, if you’re triggered over someone commenting there are rats in a city, only for evidence there are rats in a city… what’s your next step? Tweet me.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff