Twitter Trolls Mock David Hogg’s Cowboy Hat Picture


Ah, David Hogg. We meet yet again. The Hogginator, in a desperate grab for attention, posted a picture of himself in Texas, sporting a take-no-s**t look on his face and a cowboy hat atop his dome. It’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

Behold the cuteness:

Aw, it’s like he’s trying out for the part of the cowboy in The Village People.

Michael Scott Office Laughing

Hoggy must’ve gotten on that “Old Town Road” bandwagon. This would explain why he now fancies himself a cowboy. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but somehow the cowboy hat makes him look like even more of a gutless Sally-boy.

Needless to say, people on the interwebs are having fun meme-ing this one. See for yourself:

That’s definitely more in line with what’s going down in Texas.

Now we’re talking.

Build it high.

Da, comrade. Down with the imperialist American cowboys and their right to bear arms.

The funniest thing of all is the irony here. Cowboys and lead-slinging go hand-in-hand. Something tells me the Hoggster has never seen a western before. If he had, he’d know no cowboy would ever part ways with his trusty six-shooter, lever-action, or scattergun.

If Hoggy did manage to fool a Texan with his costume, his facade would come crumbling down the moment he opened his piehole. Peeps in the Lone Star State won’t take too kindly to a weak-jawed talking hemorrhoid attempting to deprive them of their boomsticks.

God bless David Hogg for offering himself up to us as an object of mockery. Getting the chance to dunk on the chinless boy wonder is always a real treat. Here’s hoping he’ll continue embarrassing himself for many years to come.

Speaking of the Hogg:


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Author: Corey Stallings