Obama Told His Cybersecurity Team to Stand Down when Russians Tried Hacking 2016 Election

It’s been nearly three years of “OMG, THE RUSSIANS TRIED STEALING THE ELECTION” with plenty of “OMG, RUSSIAN MEDDLING” thrown in just to irritate you into shutting off CNN for all time. Most of this caterwauling has come from the left, because it was Trump who toppled Cankles. Had Cankles creamed Trump, we’d be hearing not about Russian meddling, but how wonderful higher gas prices and unemployment actually are. So much free time with family! Lo and behold, Obama, Prince of Everything Fine and Classy, told his cybersecurity team to stand down when he learned the Russians were meddling in the 2016 election.

From USA Today:

There are multiple ways to look at this. Grab my hand and let’s walk through them together.

  • Obama was a lame-duck president and didn’t give two toots what the Russians did, because he’s an ass.
  • Obama thought the Russian cyberattacks would work in the Democrats’ favor, so why stop it?
  • Protecting American rights was never really in Obama’s wheelhouse. See also King Obama Wants Your Guns. Everything You Need To Know About Today’s Presser…
  • Had Obama stopped the Russian cyberattack, he’d have to call Romney to apologize for the stupid joke he told during the debates. Click to see.
  • Obama thought “Vlad” would meddle correctly and ensure that not only would his pretend bestie, Hillary, get the crown, but that Vlad would replace all the embarrassing gym photos of Obama with a beefier version of himself. Buffed Barrack. If you want your noodle limbs, you can keep your noodle limbs.

The media and the Democrats like to forget who was in charge of things while the election was taking place. But this bombshell report from USA Today reminds us all that Obama and his friend “Blame Benghazi on a video” Susan Rice were actually sitting at the desks with all the big red reset buttons.

Not that this news will change the narrative. But at least you and I know the real truth.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff

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