WATCH: Al Sharpton Says Trump is a Bigot… Who Hates Everyone.

Al Sharpton, race-baiting hack, implied Donald Trump is a bigot who hates everyone but hates blacks more. Before we go over the silliness with a fine-tooth comb, some background. Over the weekend, Donald Trump implied the city of Baltimore is a shithole with this:

Elijah Cummings is the Representative for Maryland’s 7th district, which includes Baltimore. Baltimore is, from most measurable metrics, a festering pile of shit. Here, some evidence:

Many tweets and much caterwauling followed Trump’s tweet pronouncement. With no one really able to refute Trump’s initial claims. So, obviously, Trump’s opposition is calling him “RACIST!”

Too many tweets later, Al Sharpton is brought up. I promise the video is coming. Today, Trump tweeted this while Melania was pouring milk in his Frosted Flakes:

I’m sorry but that is funny. We’ve long passed the “but it’s not presidential behavior” phase. Let’s just enjoy it for what it is, okay?

Then Al Sharpton’s skeleton found a microphone to drop these sound pellets:

I need you to think about this for a second. Al Sharpton just insulted Donald Trump by saying Donald Trump attacks “everybody.” I agree that Donald Trump attacks everyone. Especially people who’ve insulted Trump first. Remember, Trump implied Ted Cruz’s father shot Kennedy and that somehow “Lyin Ted” Cruz was the Zodiac killer. Why? Because Cruz was facing off against Trump in the primary.

Trump just insults people. Trump insults all people of all races and all sexes. Which, last I checked, is pretty much the definition of equal treatment. Trump can be an asshole, but he’s an equal opportunity asshole.

So for Al Sharpton to say, in the same statement, that Trump attacks everyone but is super attacky against blacks and people of color, has me shaking my head in embarrassment. A bigot doesn’t attack everyone. A bigot attacks certain groups of people. By Sharpton’s own definition, Trump isn’t a bigot.

Fortunately, we know what Sharpton is:

We rest our case.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff