Poll Shows Mueller Testimony Did Nothing to Sway Americans


Lefties were really hoping to squeak out a win with the Mueller testimony. The two year Russia investigation yielded zilch. Then, the Mueller Report didn’t live up to the hype. Surely though, once Bobby was fielding questions in front of the cameras, Americans would turn against the Orange Man.


Former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s testimony last week did little to change the opinions of nearly half of Americans regarding the impeachment of President Trump, according to a poll released Sunday.

The ABC/Ipsos poll found 47 percent of Americans who had read, saw or heard about Mueller’s testimony saying the former FBI chief’s appearance in Congress made no difference to their support or opposition to impeachment.

Twenty-seven percent of that group said the testimony made them more likely to support impeachment, while 26 percent said it made them less likely to.

The increase and decreases in support broke almost entirely along party lines.

Welp, looks like that one was a big ‘ol swing and a miss. Lefties thought they finally had our tangerine-hued commander in chief by the short-and-curlies. O, how they thought wrong.

There have been so many “gotcha” moments from the left which were gonna unseat Trumpy. In fact, around attempt number two-hundred and eighty-seven, I lost count. Hopefully, there’s someone out there keeping score. What we do know is lefties are 0-for-(insert massive number of half-assed attempts here).

Something tells me these unsatisfying numbers will do little to sway lefties in their quest to make this Mueller narrative stick. Though, as this poll makes abundantly clear, most people could care less about whacked-out tinfoil conspiracy theories. You’ve gotta give it to the left, they are persistent.

This craptastic narrative is never-ending:


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Author: Corey Stallings