Marianne Williamson Proposes Establishing ‘U.S. Department of Peace’

Marianne Williamson Peace

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Our favorite Democrat nutter has to be Marianne Williamson. Even on a stage full of Fauxhicans, commie garden gnomes, and Spartacuses, she stands out as the looniest loon in the asylum. If you’re still not convinced, look no further than her proposal for establishing a new federal department.


I want to talk to you about waging peace.

From millions of chronically traumatized children to mass incarceration to family separation at the border, the United States has no more serious problem than the problem of violence itself.

And yet, even as the current administration starves the international peace-building capacities of the State Department, we have no federal platform from which to seriously wage peace domestically.

We need both.

Through support of my candidacy for president of the United States, you can help alter the course of our nation and model peace for our world.When I become president, I will establish a U.S. Department of Peace.

Personally, I’d love to see this play out. “I’d like to introduce our Secretary of Peace, Moon Meadows. Moon is just getting back from a peyote-fueled vision quest assignment in New Mexico and xe has much to tell us about enlightenment and peace.”

I’m sure this sort of thing might get applause from the Oprah crowd. Us folks living in the real world, not so much. We already have policies in place to preserve the peace. They’re called laws. Sure laws don’t always work to stop violence-inducing butt dumplings. That’s when the Second Amendment comes into play.

It pains me to say it, but we’ll never achieve absolute peace. Marianne here can establish whichever Nineteen Eighty-Four knockoff department she likes. It ain’t gonna work.

Speaking of whacked-out hippies:


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Author: Corey Stallings

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