Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Jessica Yaniv Testifies Before Human Rights Tribunal to Gripe About Woman Not Waxing his Junk

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Jessica Yaniv

Jessica Yaniv via Twitter

Jessica Yaniv is still hoping some women will be forced to lather his hairy crotch puppet with hot wax, wrap it with cloth, and tear out his pesky man pubes. Yes, that’s the process. I state it so plainly because Yaniv thinks that process is a human right. I make such a bold statement because Yaniv testified about this at the HUMAN RIGHTS Tribunal in Canada. Isn’t he just the sweetest little thing you ever did see? In your nightmares?

From CBC:

“None of these providers had any issue with anything until I mentioned I was transgender. Why was it not brought up saying, ‘Hey we don’t do services on male genitalia’?”

But Jessy-poo didn’t just walk into the esthetician’s offices so the ladies at the front desk could see Yaniv’s ugly, mishappen face for themselves. He contacted them through Facebook inquiring about their services. I don’t know about you, but it’s rather hard to gender identity from a 30×30 pixel avatar.

She [Yaniv] says many of the estheticians advertised themselves as offering arm, leg, and pubic hair waxing for either male or female customers.

As most people who get waxing services know, arm and leg waxing can be done for everyone, male, female, and gender non-conforming aliens. Because arms and legs are not genitals. Arms and legs get to fly freely in the summer months because they’re not boobs, butts, front holes, or mushroom-capped giggle sticks. Think of it this way: for anatomy that men and women have in common, there’s no problem waxing.

However, when Yaniv informed them she was transgender she says she was suddenly refused appointments outright, or that the estheticians made excuses for no longer being able to perform the service.

The service in question is waxing Yaniv’s nut sack while estheticians wear a smile, hiding mental musings such as “I wonder if there’s a toilet cleaning job available at a prison.” The service is not hair removal from Yaniv’s flabby meat limbs. I’m sure the ladies would’ve ripped the hairs from Yaniv’s fleshy arm flaps and his saggy calf chub sans complaint. The issue, once again, is ladies not wanting to look upon or touch Yaniv’s junk trunk.

So Yaniv said after testifying at the Canadian Human Right’s Tribunal:

“It’s not about the service at all. When you start discriminating against certain service elements and certain protected classes that’s when we really have an issue.”

Well, there’s some honesty. No, it’s not about the service at all. Yaniv’s fight is all about him being a creepy sex predator who needs to pay women to touch his pee-pee. Instead of hiring a prostitute, Yaniv is going one above. He wants to get PAID via lawsuits because women refused to touch his wee-wee.

Now Yaniv is fighting for the rights of sex predators everywhere: TOUCH MY DINGLE DANGLE DINKLE OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE.

Wedding cakes are not a right. Photographs are not a right. Women looking at your penis is not a right. Women touching your penis is not a right. Women waxing your penis is not a right. Women who feel threatened by a man forcing them to touch or look at their penis getting creative with scissors–

–excuse me, I have to take this ringing phone call.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff