CNN Does ON-AIR Hit Piece Against Baltimore Journalist!

Brian Stelter of CNN performed an on-air hit piece against Baltimore area political commentator Kim Klacik on his failing show “Reliable Sources.” The reasoning for this is because Mrs. Klacik has been one of, if not the only, persons going around Baltimore and documenting the reality of the situation and bringing it to the world.

Her videos have been used on Fox News and other alternative sources to back up the argument Trump was making against Elijah Cummings’ 7th District of Maryland of which he has been the leader of for around 23 years.

It is clear that Stelter simply wants to protect the golden goose which, in this case, is the Democratic party. He also wants to attack Donald Trump by proxy which is the same goal of CNN at this point. The hit piece was full of false and misleading information.

An attempt was made to say that Trump got his information about the rodent and rat infestation of West Baltimore from unreliable sources, while at the same time their report was full of factually incorrect information. Talk about not living up to your name.

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan