Bernie Sanders Staff Demand $15 Minimum Wage, Some Quit Over Low Wages

Bernie Sanders Campaign Staff Demand $15 Minimum, Some Quit Over Low Wages. House Democrats recently passed a $15 minimum wage bill nationally and conflicting reports say that we could lose up to 1.3 Million jobs or not lose any jobs at all.

One of the biggest proponents of a federal $15 minimum is Bernie Sanders who is now caught in a conundrum over his own staffs pay. Some staffers are reportedly quitting over not receiving a “living wage” many are saying that the long hours result in only getting 11-13$ an hour.

With the passing of the federal bill moderate and even far left democrats agree on increasing the minimum, the question that arises is why isn’t Bernie putting his money where his mouth is?

Minimum wage increases are not even socialist or far left policy wise, it is a general left wing position to increase base pay to require employers to pay more. They argue without government mandate they won’t and perhaps there is no better example than Bernie Sanders who apparently doesn’t even pay his own staff $15

Republicans on the other hand disagree so I doubt we will see anything other than conservatives calling out the hypocrisy of the Sanders camp, though I think Bernie and his campaign will likely rectify the situation quickly.

The reality is that this story reveals how complicated it is to negotiate wages. Staff will always want more and Employers will always want to pay less.


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Author: Tim Pool