Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

COLLEGE Professor Says Judge People On RACE, Not As Individuals!

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University of Washington “Whiteness Studies” Professor Robin DiAngelo recently spoke at an event at Boston University where she railed against all things progressive in relation to race. She says that people who claim to be “colorblind” in this context are dangerous, especially if they’re white.

DiAngelo also claimed that “whiteness” in general has many negative factors including being oppressive, ignorant, and arrogant. If a person were to ask her if she is very liberal on race, her answer would most likely be yes. But her stances tell a different story.

Her views would not be an issue at all if she were not a professor in college, especially a major university like Washington. She will be the person you or your college-aged offspring would see early into development as an adult. At a time when opinions are not yet set in stone begin to be engraved. Whiteness Studies will be where regular, friendly kids could become something totally different.

Check out the video and article I read in the video for more information about this topic!



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‘Whiteness Studies’ Professor Says White People Who Treat All Races Equally Are ‘Dangerous’

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan